It’s all about confidence and knowing yourself

Are you a novice at dating?

Has a bad relationship experience knocked your confidence even though you feel you’re over it and are ready to try again?

You’ve met someone you like, you want to get to know him better, but you’re not sure how to go about it without coming on too strong or giving the wrong impression?

I’m Patty Contenta and I’m here to help you.

How often have you seen a happy and loving couple where he’s hot, she seems to be pretty plain and ordinary and you’ve wondered what on earth he sees in her?

That’s the outward appearance. But what’s going on between them is not about how she looks or how old she is.

What you’re not seeing is her inner awareness about how she feels and her confidence in using that knowledge.

With my help you too can learn how to subtly use your body language and the way you dress to turn heads, to make yourself more approachable and make him want to approach you.

You too can learn how to flirt with confidence and style. The secret is in knowing how you move and how to do it to send out the right unspoken messages.

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