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For over 30 years, Patty Contenta has been a world-renowned professional dancer, choreographer, judge and international dance consultant. She has taught thousands of people how to feel connected to themselves and their partner through body language, dance and building chemistry by enhancing masculine and feminine energies.

Patty is the founder of Sensuality Secrets, author of Desirable And Deserving e-book, and creator of Sexy In Seconds Mini-Series and the Body-Image Breakthrough course. Her work helps women who are struggling with their body image reconnect with their feminine sensual confidence through the art of body language, sensual therapeutic movement and her Charisma Framework.

The charisma framework

Unleash the Power of Your Sensuality and Embrace Your Inner and Outer Beauty! Learn the potent blend of attractiveness and presence to amplify CHARISMA!

My Charisma Framework is based on 3 Essential Pillars:

A.C.E.S. Formula: 4 social virtues people want to feel in your presence to captivate them
Body Language: techniques to embody open and approachable energy
Sensual Therapeutic Movement: movement to awaken the divine feminine energy within you and prompt self-love

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Remember your confidence is mirrored by the way you move and it makes no difference what size you are or how old you are, it matters how you FEEL, and the best way to show that off to the world is in the way you MOVE your beautiful body!

If you’re longing to know how to be an approachable woman that can turn heads and be visible, let me tell you – YOU CAN! In just a few seconds with Patty Contenta’s techniques, you can adjust your body language to create an inviting environment that elevates your feminine energy and gets you noticed!

What women are saying

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“I always thought that in order to be successful in the business world, a woman needed to tap into her male energy – but not anymore! I started incorporating your ‘sensuality secrets’ every day, and I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the way men react to me.”
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“I used to live in Las Vegas and at a very young age (under 21) I would go into the casinos and not be bothered. Why? Because I walked and acted like I belonged there. Body language says a lot about you… Act proud, a little sexy… and don’t forget to smile.
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“I must tell you though, that your “stuff” already helped me. I have been emailing and talking to a new man, and we had arranged to meet for the first time. I work for a high profile mens’ rugby …”
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“I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying reading your book. This book is already helping me feel more confident and sensual on and off the dance floor.”
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“I admire you so much and respect you for the way you want to share your talent with us… I appreciate your working with me, and look forward to seeing you again.”