3 Ways To Attract a Man Using Your Back
3 Ways To Attract a Man Using Your Back

You’re back is like a snake…it has natural curves and meant to slither when moving. When you begin to use it, it’s like you’ve added another dimension to your projection…it’s like watching a 3D movie!

Let me explain...

Throughout my career, a common remark from the judges would be how they love to see a woman who uses her back when she dances, not just her feet and arms. So, I took this information and adapted it in my dancing by imagining oil dripping down my body when I moved or not moved. Can you see where I’m going with this? I was attentive to my muscle movement by becoming aware of the manner in which I arched my back, twisted my waist, contracted my abdominals…every move affected my spine. It was an exhilarating experience!

Here are some simple tips to encourage the arch of your back...

  1. Take the time to look over your shoulder when you see someone you like by arching your lower back to accentuate the curve.
  2. When taking off your jacket, be sure to arch your back as it glides off of your arms. Don’t rush the process, enjoy every moment...remember think of oil dripping down your body.
  3. Every now and then use your butt as a ledge because whatever you touch, a man will magnetically follow the hypnosis your hand is creating.

The ultimate key is not to rush...take your time…do it deliberately...it’s a secret between you and yourself…because the intention behind the movement creates an explosive reaction!



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