Body Image Struggle - Part 2
Body Image Struggle - Part 2

You’ve heard the idea “Emotion is created by motion”.

Tony Robbins, world renowned motivational speaker, coined this phrase. He states, changing your physiology influences your mental state, which helps break negative patterns and rewire your brain.

So, when those intrusive moments of self-doubt, like feeling lonely, disconnected, weary or unseen, begin to seep into our minds, our bodies mirror that in the way we move.

As soon as this self-doubt shows up, I want you to think of this uncomfortable vibe as a DANCE! I call it the Discomfort Dance.

Picture this.

On one side is what you desire to feel about your body (a confident magnificent woman who owns her pleasure) and on the other side is what you dislike about your body (it’s aging, gained some weight, disconnected to feeling pleasure). The middle space is the present you…that is being pulled between both sides. That pull between sides, is where the Discomfort Dance happens.

I need you to be aware of 2 things:

  1. It’s common and normal to doubt ourselves, even the most accomplished people, like Oprah or Elizabeth Gilbert, are not immune to it.
  2. Doubt tends to show up most when you’re stretching yourself, wanting to expand.

As uncomfortable as it may feel in the moment, it’s a good thing because it’s directly linked to you showing up for yourself to make a change.

In other words, the discomfort/doubt is your barometer, telling your body you are stepping out of your comfort zone and that’s when growth happens.

Step 1: Welcome the doubt, don’t resist it.
“What you resist persists” – Carl Jung

Carl Jung’s famous saying has a profound impact on our daily lives. The ‘what you resist persists’ meaning comes down to the fact that your attempts to avoid something often gives it the energy it needs to not only persist, but to grow.

How you navigate through this Discomfort Dance is step 2.

Step 2: Make better decisions.

When you choose to MOVE towards body confidence using any of the tools I teach in my programs, even in a small way, you have a transformation.

All it takes is consistent millimeter shifts of moving towards what you want.

...every time you choose to walk with sensual confidence,
...every time you choose to get out of your chair and dance for a minute,
...every time you choose to touch and trace your body in a soothing manner,
...all those millimeter shifts towards self-care stack up and your brain and body begin to create new neuropathways towards body confidence.

Next week, I’ll share some specific ways of managing the mind to help you make better choices that nurture your essence.

Sensually yours,

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