Body Image Struggle - Part 3
Body Image Struggle - Part 3

Jean was truly struggling with feeling good about her body. She had put on some weight during the pandemic and was having a hard time “getting her body back”. As I was coaching her through some sensual therapeutic movement, I noticed Jean often shook her head in a disapproving manner at her reflection.

My heart sank. I felt empathy for her frustration, but I couldn’t allow that behavior to be okay as it would only strengthen her Gremlin. I immediately paused the zoom session and made Jean realize the significance of her gestures (lowering her gaze in a disapproving manner, followed by a head shake) was creating a negative imprint in her energy.

Interestingly, she didn’t think reacting in a dispirited manner to my cues was a big deal. So I reminded Jean that every time she allowed a seemingly trivial negative thought to seep into her body, she’s imprinting that she is unlovable, or worse - unworthy.

I didn’t want to convince Jean of her beauty, I wanted her to create an opening for herself at the possibility that she was worthy of self-love. She needed to DECIDE that this was indeed possible.

So, I asked her this question: “What would love do?”

I was taking her through the process of Inquiry.

To get out of the reptilian brain, which is associated with fight, flight, or freeze, we need to question these stressful. This inquiry allows us to access the Neocortex part of the brain, which is associated with reason, critical thinking, AND self-awareness.

Questioning ourselves in times of self-doubt, begins to shift our energy into a more rational way of being, leaving us the opportunity to listen for solutions.

And “What would love do?”

Well, love would open the heart and begin to free you from the chains of that negative pesky gremlin.

Remember, you don’t have to obliterate the gremlin, you just need to dance with it and know that love usually finds a way.

With Love,

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