Since I’ve launched my Sexy In Seconds Mini-Series, I’ve gotten many questions from women wanting to heal from past trauma, gain self-esteem and feel worthy of love.

Every comment touched me, wishing I could take away their pain from the trauma many women experienced. And if there was one emotion that drove their sense of low self-worth, it was shame. Feeling ashamed of who they are and what they experienced.

Low self-worth has deep roots, and deep roots require committed digging.

This goes hand in hand with being emotionally resourceful and taking responsibility for ourselves and our life. And this is no easy task.

To be able to do this, you may have to relax into the fear, the uncertainty, and the loneliness of the journey of changing. (Because change IS mostly something we choose to do by ourselves, nobody can make that decision for us).

The great thing about surrendering to the pain we need to surrender to in order to BE emotionally resourceful, is that it’s euphoric, because it’s change that we created by ourselves!

Each time we reach the other side of emotional discomfort, each time we create something out of nothing (a moment, a new connection) we get a reward.

It’s the reward of the feeling of novelty, success, and euphoria. Because we earned it.

And the best thing that awaits us?

Connection. Love.

Multiple layers of connection and love.

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Don’t let yourself fall short when it comes to being all the woman you were meant to be!

In Joy,
Patty Contenta



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