Energy and aliveness are the source of attractiveness! Part 2
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Energy and aliveness are the source of attractiveness! Part 2

However, when you judge yourself relentlessly about your weight, hair, thighs, belly fat, wrinkles, aging, and so on, you disconnect from your body, which means you disconnect from feeling desirable.

Here is a tool to help you reconnect to your desirability:

    1. Imagine your body is a beautiful chateau that you enjoy lounging in for hours, where you effortlessly create an inviting environment. Let yourself imagine what that would look like, feel like. Is there a celebrity that embodies this kind of alluring confidence for you? For me, it’s Tina Turner!
    2. Self-touch! (And it’s not what you’re thinking, although nothing wrong with that either) 😉 This simple act of physical contact by gently tracing any part of our body that you feel comfortable touching in public (like your hair, your shoulder, your arm, your thigh) will shift how you relate to your body. Imagine you’re giving yourself the TLC you need. You are self-soothing and allowing this feeling to be fully experienced through your mind and body. This will elevate your vibration and make you more attractive.

To determine if this tool is effective, you need to try if for yourself. I challenge you to self-touch any time you feel the need to get grounded and back into your body (whether you’re alone or with someone). Begin at your forehead, slowly follow the hairline, let your body melt into the sensation of your touch. Receive it. Linger at your clavicle bone. Know that every touch is an imprint of self-love.

Give yourself permission to imagine, even for just a few seconds, that your inner mystery, your divine feminine spirit, is being awakened and soothed with every self-touch moment.

Sensually yours,

PS: I’d love to hear about your experience trying the self-touch technique. Let me know how it felt, did you run into some resistance (that pesky gremlin)? How did you move past the resistance? I truly enjoy hearing your stories.



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