Feeling self-conscious kills desire.
Feeling self-conscious kills desire.
Feeling self-conscious kills desire.
Feeling desirable and attractive is something that many of us struggle with in middle age.

Feeling desirable and attractive is something that many of us struggle with in middle age. Whether it be diminishing libido or the changes in our body’s shape, there are often parts of ourselves we become self-conscious about and this can lead to feeling less than desirable. Thankfully, if you focus on developing a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost, you can once again find ways to feel attractive even as wrinkles appear and metabolism slows down.

Mary, a follower of my work, reached out to me with this question:

“After a 14-year absence of a partnership, I have lost my sensuality which I had before. I feel very self-subconscious about my sexiness. How do I rebuild my desirability?”

Mary was content with her single life and enjoyed being able to do whatever she wanted, when she wanted. But lately, she had been feeling a bit down and lonely. She was starting to miss the companionship of a partner and wondered if it was time to look for someone to share her life with.

But she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was no longer desirable or attractive enough to be in a relationship. After all these years on her own, Mary’s self-confidence had taken a nosedive, and her sensuality—which had once come so naturally—was now completely lost. She found herself constantly worrying about what others thought of her and felt embarrassed about how she looked.

Mary knew that her self-consciousness was preventing her from feeling confident in herself again. She needed an effective plan to help rebuild her desire and sensuality in order to attract potential partners. So here are 3 steps Mary can take to gain back her sensual confidence:

1) Develop Self-Awareness: The first step is for Mary to become more aware of what triggers her self-conscious thoughts, such as thinking too much about how “good” or “bad” other people think she looks or what they might think of her wardrobe choices. Awareness can help her identify these feelings before they build up and overwhelm her.

2) Transform Negative Thinking Into Positive Affirmations: Once Mary has identified where these negative thoughts stem from, it’s time for her to start replacing them with positive affirmations instead. This could involve writing down a list of things she loves about herself—from physical features to personality traits—and using this as an ongoing reminder of all the wonderful things about herself that make up who she is as a person.

3) Practice Self-Care: Finally, Mary should make sure that she takes some time each day or week specifically set aside for taking care of herself and doing things that make her feel good—whether it’s going out dancing with friends, indulging in a luxurious spa day, or simply having a relaxing night in with Netflix and hot chocolate. Allowing yourself moments like this can contribute significantly towards rebuilding your sensuality and confidence levels over time as you continue forming healthy habits around caring for yourself first above anything else!

Though feeling desirable and attractive may be something many of us struggle with during middle age, it is important to remember that we can find ways to feel confident in ourselves again. Change often happens throughout our lives and though it might be difficult to accept at first, once we do, we open ourselves up to new opportunities for growth.

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Be all the woman you were meant to be!

Patty Contenta

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