Get in the Mood with Food
Get in the Mood with Food

“Thought is like a surgical instrument, use it properly.”

– Albert Bissada

The moment I heard this quote, I understood the power of my thoughts. In order for my inner being to embody any new concept, I needed to be gentle with how I delivered the information.

Therefore tenderness was needed to help me believe in my sexual confidence, my attractiveness and my desirability.

So, I started where any Italian would…with FOOD!

“Food for Italians is something to be savoured, revered, studied and examined, at a leisurely pace and with gusto, but not greed.”

- Marcella Haza

Consider my definition of Sensuality: the ability to elevate the senses, which allows you to be present within your body and the way to manage and use sexual energy.

Whether you are on a date or by yourself, make your pause for dinner/ that elevates the senses. I travel a lot and often eating on my own, so this is a practice I do regularly because it enhances the moment and allows me to be present (just like my definition of sensuality suggests).

Here’s how...

  • Put yourself in the mood. Start by noticing all the “toys” that are placed neatly on the table and how you will use them to heighten the dinner experience.
  • When it comes to ordering, use his menu to read to him what you’ll be eating. Take your middle finger, point to the food and read in a slow, deep whisper the description of the food. Perhaps even through in some sexy adjectives if you feel daring.

If you’re alone, use your menu and do the same thing when telling the waiter/waitress what you’ll be having.

  • Caress the base of your wine glass to appreciate its delicate stature.
  • While waiting for the food, notice any scents and how they affect you.
  • Notice the colours and textures in the environment. Do they please you? Why or why not?
  • Get excited about the food when it comes to your table...even the waiter will appreciate it. Smile, sit upright and say thank you.
  • When you take the first bite, savour it by tilting your head back and touching your neck because this bite will set the pace for the rest of the evening.
  • When wiping your mouth, instead of moving your napkin to clean, keep the napkin steady and wrap it around 3 fingers. Then turn your head slowing so that the napkin contours the lips while wiping.
  • Be sure to arch your back when you lean in to speak to him so that you create a chest press and not a forehead press. If you’re alone, do a little adjustment with how you are sitting by arching your back.
  • Every now and then, caress your neck or shoulder just to keep you present and show appreciation for your body that is taking in this wonderful food.

Can you feel where I’m going with this?

These steps give an outline, but I encourage you to be playful with how it develops. You never know how being in the moment will navigate your mind.

This is a simple example of being mindful, meaning fully aware, fully able to consciously direct your awareness to what is – right here, right now. It’s a lot easier than you think, just allow for the exploration to happen and that any outcome is what needs to happen.

I’m curious to know what discoveries you make along the way of elevating your senses…share them with me!

Relish in your senses and be all the woman you were meant to be!

Sensually Yours,




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