Ah...the pleasures of sharing food…and I don’t mean literally. I mean sharing the space where people eat together. There is something erotic that can happen while eating food. Scenes have been formulated in movies where food is involved to heighten the seduction game. Here are some examples:

The scene where Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri are in a restaurant. She orders lobster and begins to eat it slowly with her hands while making sure to lick her fingers and maintaining eye contact.

When Harry Met Sally:
When Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in front of Billy Crystal during their dinner. And wrap the scene up, a woman near them tells her waitress, “I want what she’s having.”

I realize you don’t need to go to that extreme however there is something playful about creating n uplifting environment in order to naturally invite a man to elevate his senses with you. I’ve accepted and embrace the role of raising the sensual vibration between us as a key component to dance with…at the table that is.This passion with food comes from Italian up bringing. Every morsel of food was to be celebrated because my mom spent hours preparing everything from scratch. Family dinner time was about having an abundance of food and eating it passionately. The reasoning being…it was a time to connect. The dinner table was a place where we gathered to share thoughts, jokes, questions and sometimes just the sounds of smacking lips and sipping wine.

This may seem exaggerated, yet I’ve been told by a few men that they love the way I eat because I enjoy food. I like to savor the flavors that touch my pallet…it excites me!

So it’s time to get excited!

Here’s how...

  1. Put yourself in the mood. Start by noticing all the “toys” that are placed neatly on the table and how you will use them to heighten the dinner experience.
  2. When it comes to ordering, use his menu to read to him what you’ll be eating. Take your middle finger, point to the food and read in a slow, deep whisper the description of the food. Perhaps even through in some sexy adjectives if you feel daring.
  3. Caress the base of your wine glass to appreciate it’s delicate stature.
  4. Get excited about the food when it comes to your table...even the waiter will appreciate it. Smile, sit upright and say thank you.
  5. When you take the first bite, savor it by tilting your head back and touching your neck because this bite will set the pace for the rest of the evening.
  6. When wiping your mouth, instead of moving your napkin to clean, keep the napkin steady and wrap it around 3 fingers. Then turn your head slowing so that the napkin contours the lips while wiping.
  7. Be sure to arch your back when you lean in to speak to him so that you create a chest press and not a forehead press.

These are a few tricks to embellish your evening. And be ready for the outcome! It will pleasurably surprise you!



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