How to Feel at EASE with Your Body
How to Feel at EASE with Your Body

When I launched my free [Sexy-In-Seconds Mini-Series], many women reached out to me wanting to feel at ease with their bodies. They were in disbelief, wondering if it was even possible having reached midlife with an extra 20 pounds, to actually feel desirable and confident.

My heart sank when I read those words. I wish I could snap my fingers and remove those negative thoughts in an instant. Unfortunately, it’s not how it works.

When we are ill at ease we’ re self-conscious and tentative. We feel isolated. Our body is uptight and unresponsive. And sometimes, the more we try to be at ease, the more we feel anxious and self-conscious.

It’s not long before we are in the negative bias loop which ends up having an adverse effect on our behaviors, our decisions, and even our relationships.

So, allow me to stand on my soapbox and say…

YES! Yes, it’s VERY possible to love living in your body regardless of where you are on your life path. It doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to require dieting, nor waiting for the perfect sign or person to make a shift. It does require breaking a well ingrained habit.

I catch myself daily when the first negative thought shows up and how there’s a second and third one lurking around the corner. I’ve practiced interrupting that pattern in different ways.

As simple as this may seem, I know from the depths of my being, with every choice I make, each millimeter shift stacks up over time and a miracle happens.

Confidence is what you create with what you do. You need to force yourself in a moment of self-doubt to DO something. And when you see yourself taking action, the confidence follows.

With each consistent small step your mental, emotional, and physical stamina gains strength.

Therefore, recognizing situations which tend to make us feel more disconnected and uneasy with our body is key. Those moments or situations where you feel anxious about how you look and feel. We all have them. Becoming aware of your thinking and how it’s holding you back, that’s when you can make a change.

Here are 3 situations or moments when I feel discomfort in my body and the small step I take to create a shift.

1) Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning. Those mornings when my Gremlin is particularly loud, I look directly at my reflection, wink, smile and say, “My body is my ally!
2) When I must perform in any way. Whether it’s leading a zoom seminar or live workshop, my Gremlin gets skeptical, and self-doubt shows up. In that moment, my internal dialogue is “Trust my wisdom. I’ve got this!
3) When I’m feeling isolated and alone, which hits me when I must drive from city to city in my car by myself. I ask myself, “What would love do?” Then I take the action needed, which can be calling a friend, listening to a podcast or uplifting music!

Become aware of your thinking and choose an action that leads towards embodying your confidence.

Now it’s your turn:

1) Make a list of 3 situations where your fear or doubt shows up.
2) Have a quick way to interrupt that pattern which feels good to you.
3) Celebrate by recognizing the new imprint you have created in your mind.

So, take some time today to notice when self-doubt shows up.

What will you choose in that moment? Because you are ALWAYS choosing, even in the smallest of ways.

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you.” – John Maxwell

Sensually Yours,

PS: Let me know how this exercise works for you. I enjoy hearing about your shifts, your moments of awareness. Or if you have questions, please send them in.

PPS: If you are interested learning about my Charisma Framework and my Hypnotic Walk, then check out my FREE Sexy-In-Seconds Mini-Series.



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