How to Open the Energy of Self-Love
Patty Contenta
How to Open the Energy of Self-Love

What if we told you that self-love was an energy? Just like any other type of energy, it can be opened and accessed. And when it is open and accessible, it allows for a life full of joy, abundance, and happiness.

I created a Sensual Therapeutic Movement in my Body Image Breakthrough Course to help women climb back into their bodies, allowing the sensual energy to flood their bodies and prompt self-acceptance, which leads to self-love.

Dancing and movement help us connect with our bodies in a deeper way, focus on the present moment and open our sensual energy, awakening us to feel more aliveness and pleasure. And when we feel pleasure, we are more likely to love ourselves unconditionally.

Would you be interested in learning how to open the energy of self-love? If so, keep reading! In this blog post, we will provide you with some tips on how to do just that.

So, get ready to discover your inner love goddess! Allow yourself to get lost in the idea of self-love as an energy. Imagine that you can access this energy whenever you want.

  1. When you wake up and head to the bathroom, bring your smart phone, (not to scroll but to put on music in privacy ;). Put on an earthy, sensuous song that will help you feel grounded. One on my playlist is called Santorini Coffee, Melvitto. Open your legs wider than your hips, and gently squat. The benefit to squatting is that it distributes your energy from your head to lower body, awakening the sensations and strengthening your pelvic floor. Close your eyes, feel the ground underneath your feet and let the energy build up in your thighs.
  2. Push play and very gently start swinging your hips slowly to the pulse of the music. Notice if there is any tension, discomfort and stuck energy. You want to smooth out the areas that feel tight. And as your hips begin to open, make bigger circles and exaggerate the movement. Maybe you sink deeper into your knees or make a figure 8 for the sake of making your lower body to become more alive. Allow your breath to move freely. Notice if you can feel your thighs…if not, go deeper. Shake, go up and down. Just allow your hips to sway as your lower body awakens and opens.
  3. When you are ready to come to an end, make your motions more and more subtle. Don’t just stop. Bring it slowly to an end, until you stand. Notice where in your body there is more aliveness and openness. Simply stand for a moment as you take inventory in your body. Finally offer yourself a bow as a way to formerly end this exercise and honour your efforts.

This is a simple and effective exercise to connect with the energy of your lower body. That heat you feel in your thighs is the "fire" necessary to awaken your sensuality, allowing it to intoxicate your body with the feeling of aliveness and pleasure.

Join me on Feb 19th at 11am EST for a virtual class all about how to open the magic of sensuality and the energy of self-love.

During this class, we'll explore different ways that you can start to connect with your body and awaken your sensual energy. We'll also discuss how movement and dance can help us focus on the present moment and feel more pleasure in our lives.

I hope you'll join me for this exciting journey into self-love! Be all the woman you were meant to be!



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