How TRUST is related to COMPLIMENTS
How TRUST is related to COMPLIMENTS

We can’t let go sensually or sexually if the giver doesn’t delight in the receiver’s moments of letting go.

Trust means we can open up with each other and not feel ridiculed for what we want and yearn.

Therefore FEEDING TRUST means we need to affirm, acknowledge, recognize with a certain amount if frequency because all of these actions bread trust.

And often we think about appreciation and gratitude as a way of affirming…have we ever considered giving COMPLIMENTS?

As I have shared in my Fearless Flirting webinar, compliments means you are looking at the other through a certain lens, one that highlights their radiance, their essence...not just their action.

What if we consider complimenting people on the VALUE the action provides?

For example, I got a phone call from my girlfriend who was very excited about the pitch/presentation she gave on a new project she created that was well received. She was so proud of how well everything turned out. In that moment, I checked in with myself and noticed who she was in that moment...and the word that popped in my mind was VISIONARY!

This is how I replied; “Do you realize this is a testament to who you are, a visionary….take it in.”

She inevitably thanked me, making me feel good for giving to her in that moment.

What if we begin the practice of paying attention to the value people bring into our lives and share that with an open heart…can this be a part of breaking the barriers of unworthiness that we have all felt at some moments in our lives?

Perhaps this can trickle into the most intimate parts of us, the parts of us where we hold blocks about our spiritual, sensual and sexual being?

I hope this message inspires you today to give more genuine compliments, the kind that recognize people for who they are along the way of doing their lives.

In Joy,

Patty Contenta



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