My guilt-free pleasure in South of France!
My guilt-free pleasure in South of France!

So there I was, sitting at a wine bar at Raleigh airport sipping Pinot Grigio hoping this would relax my tense body and the uneasy feeling I had with taking a full week to experience a bucket list adventure.

The French Riviera

As I sat there, breathing into the tension, a thought popped in my mind. Remember why you agreed to go on this trip...

And the answer to that question is related to one of my values...

PLEASURE... guilt-free pleasure!

This seems simple in theory but I am an entrepreneur, therefore a workaholic. It takes tenacity and resilience to deal with the uncertainty of owning a business where your quality of life is influenced by what you create, which will hopefully provide a good return on investment.

This tenacity and resilience has allowed me to TAKE RISKS.

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” ~Denis Waitley

Taking risks isn’t the secret to life, but taking risks does mean we are never at risk of doing nothing.

Months ago when I was contemplating this, I went through a risk-evaluating process in order to put my mind at ease before committing to this trip. Here are some of the questions I asked myself:

  • Am I risking more than I am able, physically, mentally, or emotionally, at this time?
  • Will I be able to take this opportunity again at some other point?
  • Are my fears based on real danger, or just on the fear of the unknown?
  • What other possible opportunities do I risk by taking/not taking this opportunity?
  • Is the risk of doing nothing greater than what I risk by taking this opportunity?

If we think about risks with these questions and process the risk of doing nothing, we are likely to make choices that seem risky, even crazy, to others, but make sense for each of us in our own lives.

I’m sharing this with you because in the end, my trip to the South of France was extraordinary! The intimate conversations with French people, the baguette and cheese plates, riding through vineyards, sleeping in a castle, the bike ride along the Canal du Midi and learning about truffles from Philippe Barriere filled my soul with pleasure!

This is why I work hard, so that I allow myself to play…guilt free!

You can see my interview with Philippe by clicking here.

And guess what, I’m more inspired than ever to share the pleasures of MONTREAL with you during my live event in October!


I do hope you’ll join me, not only to learn more about enhancing your sensuality and feminine essence, but to also fully experience the French lifestyle in the most European city in North America!


The hotel is in the heart of Old Montreal. And I’ve planned a celebratory evening with all of the participants at Le Bord’elle on Saturday.

Check it out:

Allow me to be your sensual guide through the streets of Montreal and the path to your radiance!

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It’s time to experience your guilt-free pleasure weekend in Montreal! Better to take a risk than do nothing at all, or worse, live with regret.

I hope to see you!

Sensually Yours,




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