My Struggle with Sexual Confidence
My Struggle with Sexual Confidence

When I was married, I remember feeling how the sexual desire between my husband and I had slowly disappeared. I also thought that this reality was exactly that...a reality that I needed to live with.

However after my divorce, I gave myself permission to discover and gain my sexual confidence. I wanted to feel the freedom that I witnessed with many of my friends that had no hang-ups about their sexuality, sexual identity and sexual pleasures they were willing to experience.

Do you need to give yourself permission too?

I spent a good portion of my adult life surrounded by homosexuals who proclaimed their sexuality unapologetically. They often dealt with constant friction by admitting their sexual orientation, not only with others but internal battles as well. I recognized parts of myself within their struggle. How often had I silenced my sexual expression?

We live in a culture that has a bipolar relationship to sex:

Sex is everywhere—in advertising, film, pop songs—but we’re also told that we’re not allowed to have it and enjoy it.

What does being a desirable woman mean to you?

To me being a Desirable woman felt like I was able to sense a wanting or longing from a man who found me attractive.

And I wanted to release that feeling of Guilt that occurs when a person believes they’ve compromised or violated a moral standard. Or worse, feeling Shame where I felt embarrassed, disgraced or even humiliated by admitting to myself that I wanted to explore my sexual appetite.

I learned to love my body first, before expecting anyone else to feel that way about me. And I did this by taking a more Sensual approach in the bedroom….by myself. It’s like Sensuality gave me permission to explore my sexual appetite.

Sensuality is a whole body experience and a sensual woman who realizes the power of her sensuality uses her sexual energy and the 5 senses to transport her through any sexual experience.

Would you like to gain sexual confidence? If yes, then keep reading...

The 4 Keys To Sexual Confidence

I wanted to claim being sexually fulfilled and identify my likes or dislikes. I wanted to explore my body to find out what pleased me. So I developed a mindset and belief system to remind myself to be free of inhibitions and fully engage in my sexuality.

Here are my convictions...

  1. Heightened Sensitivity: The ability to intensify or elevate each sense.
  2. Appetite: A natural desire to satisfy a bodily need that is related to the senses and allowing the appetite to build, creating more intense encounters.
  3. The Desire to Receive Pleasure: To abandon the need to control an outcome and allowing yourself to be moved by a naked vulnerability both physically and emotionally.
  4. Sexual Skill: The ability to give back to your partner and satisfy his sexual needs.

A woman can adopt all four mindsets or start with certain ones that feel easier to embody at first. It’s your choice to explore one at a time or all four. I personally feel the first three are imperative to adopt because they enhance your sensuality and femininity.

Be all the woman you were meant to be!

Sensually Yours,



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