Redefining Beauty: The Dance of Self-Acceptance and Joy
Redefining Beauty: The Dance of Self-Acceptance and Joy
Redefining Beauty: The Dance of Self-Acceptance and Joy
Our society has always had a rather fickle relationship with beauty.

Hello lovely ladies,

Our society has always had a rather fickle relationship with beauty. For centuries, the definition of what is considered beautiful has been ever-shifting, often leaving many of us feeling confused, inadequate, or even invisible. However, we live in a time of unprecedented change where the concept of beauty is becoming more inclusive and diverse than ever before.

This new world whispers to us all, "We are all beautiful." It's a powerful statement that challenges the critical voices inside our heads, those voices that insist we could always be different, better. But what if we dared to redefine beauty, not by the standards of others, but by the standards of our own hearts?

Here are five tips that have helped me on my journey to redefine beauty:

Make Beautiful Choices

Consider this: you are as beautiful as the choices you make. Every day, we make countless decisions that shape our lives. Choose kindness. Choose gratitude. Choose joy. Choose to care for yourself. These choices do not need to be grand gestures. In fact, I encourage you to scale down what you ask of yourself today. After returning from work trips, I take time to reset, whether through a pedicure, a leisurely morning in bed, or simply enjoying a home-cooked meal. There's no pressure to be productive every waking moment. This is the wisdom aging has gifted me: the understanding that preserving my energy is crucial.

Contribute Positively

Every day, strive to make a positive contribution. A compliment, a helping hand, shared laughter - these seemingly small acts of kindness create ripples of positivity in the world and serve as reminders of life's purpose.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

On this journey we call life, it's essential to embrace your unique style. Wear what feels good, what represents you authentically. Regularly, I embark on a treasure hunt of sorts, searching for clothing that feels good against my skin and lights me up from within. This practice has helped me embrace the changes that come with age.

Live a Full Life

Each year, I review my life in six categories: relationships, health & wellbeing, wealth, spirituality, bucket list adventures, and community contribution. Depending on what needs nurturing, my focus shifts. Planning my life this way makes spontaneity easier and more enjoyable.

Change Aging to Living

The legendary fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg once said, "Age is life, not decay." These words resonated with me deeply. Instead of focusing on how old we are, let's celebrate how long we've lived. Aging isn't a sign of decay but a testament to living.

Dance Every Day

In my [Body-Image Breakthrough Course], I teach sensual therapeutic movement. It's about releasing the need to perform and finding your unique path of expression. Moving freely and expressing ourselves helps us reconnect with our bodies, shedding old beliefs and conditioning. When we stop obsessing over our reflections in the mirror, we create space for peace and self-love.

In conclusion, dear readers, let's redefine beauty on our own terms. Let's make it less about physical appearance and more about the choices we make, the kindness we share, and the joy we find in being uniquely ourselves. Because ultimately, beauty isn't something we possess; it's something we radiate from within.

Here's to dancing through life beautifully!

      With love,

      Patty Contenta

      Patty Contenta



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