Remember Me? Exciting Updates and What's Next!
Remember Me? Exciting Updates and What's Next!
You might be wondering where I've been these past few months.

I hope this email finds you well! It's been a while since I've reached out, and I wanted to reconnect and share some exciting updates from my end.

You might be wondering where I've been these past few months. Well, a unique real estate opportunity fell into my lap, and it was one of those life moments that demanded immediate attention and action. Despite the not-so-perfect timing, I had to scramble to secure the investment. Thanks to some incredible people, I'm thrilled to announce that I am now the proud owner of a building with two condo units right in the heart of downtown Montreal!

These condos are set up for short-term rentals, so I've been busy decorating and making them as inviting as possible. Feel free to check out the links below to see for yourself:

Brownstone Home in heart of Montreal!

Ideal Montreal Brownstone!

Undertaking this new venture meant I had to make some difficult decisions about where to focus my energy. Like many of you, I had to prioritize my health and manage my energy levels, especially given the demands of my travel and coaching schedule. It's easy to dive headfirst into new goals, but sustaining that initial burst of energy can be challenging. For me, this resulted in a temporary disengagement, while others may push themselves to the brink of burnout or oscillate between the two.

To ensure I could launch this real estate business successfully, I opted for sustainability in the first half of this year. But don't worry, I'm back and committed to helping you feel like the charismatic, desirable woman you are, regardless of your shape, age, or size.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sending you actionable steps to enhance your charisma and attract quality relationships in all aspects of your life. Remember, the key to success isn't just starting strong—it's staying strong. Here's a sneak peek at how to maintain your momentum:

  1. Prioritize Your Well-being: Prioritizing your health and well-being is essential. For me, this varied daily based on how I felt and my environment. After a long day of traveling, self-care meant ensuring sufficient sleep, staying hydrated, and taking my supplements. On more energetic days, I focused on exercising or spending time outdoors.
  2. Set Boundaries: Set upper and lower limits for your daily or weekly goals. By establishing clear boundaries for the minimum and maximum amount of work you will accomplish on key priorities each day, you can prevent burnout and maintain a healthy balance.
  3. Know Your Work Style: Adjust your approach based on whether you typically work too hard and fast, too slowly, or somewhere in between. Personally, I fall into the middle category. For my real estate project, I worked hard and fast, while for my coaching practice, I maintained a more balanced pace.
  4. Rest and Recover: Schedule regular breaks to recharge. For me, recharging meant a massage, dancing in NYC, a spa day, or cooking. Any form of quality time where I didn't have to think or strategize—just be.
  5. Release Guilt: It's crucial to release any guilt tied to your decisions. I discovered that feeling guilty never helped me; it just introduced needless stress. I didn't want to second-guess my choices. By accepting the decisions that felt right for me without self-judgment, I gained confidence and peace of mind. Remember, no decision is "wrong" if it enhances your well-being and happiness.

Stay tuned for more tips and insights coming your way soon. I'm excited to re-engage with you and share this journey together!

PS: Thank you for your grace and patience as I managed my energy with my new project. I truly appreciate you.



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