Running out of time can make you crazy!
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Running out of time can make you crazy!

Here is what I found in my search:

Age 30 – The questions focus on career choices. The yearning is to ensure long-term happiness.

“Will the choices I make around my career and family make me happy in the long run?”

You may have already made a career move or landed in an “accidental career.” You might struggle when differentiating societal, peer and family “shoulds” from your personal desires but deride yourself for not figuring it out already.

This could lead to a big career or life change including starting your own business.

Age 40 – The questions focus on life purpose. The yearning is to ensure the significance and value of your efforts.

You might be coping with the ongoing inequality in the workplace, continually feeling misunderstood and mismanaged, and a “niggling” voice that says you have a bigger dream and purpose to achieve. You could re-create yourself at work or drop off the corporate ladder unless the organization is big enough to give you a lateral move to explore what else is possible.

If you decide to move on, you might have some hits and misses before you successfully land on a new path.

Age 50+ – The questions focus on legacy. The yearning is to ensure age-defying relevance.

You face age discrimination more than men so you seek to discover how you will be seen as valuable as well as what you will do to share the wisdom you gained over the years.

You might seek richer ways to apply your talent and skills. Or you might look for ways to give back to the communities that supported your growth up to now.

For some, this pursuit feels less driven than in previous years. For others, the yearning is just as strong but feels more universal than personal...

After reading this, I was reminded of my struggles at the different stages of my life.

In my 30s, I went through a divorce where I questioned what my life was “supposed” be. All I thought to be true was turned over on its head. It was the most productive time of my life, at first because I was angry, which then shifted to tenacity towards my life’s purpose. And in fact I did start my 2 businesses!

In my 40s (now 48 years old), I went through much self-reflection, as I still am. I’m suddenly more aware of how quickly time passes and any dream of having a child was put to rest.

I am re-creating myself through one business and sold another. I’m seeking to be the best expression of myself in all aspects of my life, not because I’m not enough but because I’m curious how I will transform into a wise and beautiful woman in my 50s+!

All this being said, one of the toughest challenges I was faced with in my early-forties was aging. I felt an urgency to meet the right man because my time regarding my beauty was running out. I was putting pressure on myself to have ALL of my life together, lined up just right.

I realized this urgency was not healthy for me. I was missing the point of my experiences with men….I wasn’t present.

So I surrendered... Surrendered to what the outcome of any interaction needed to be and what any dream needed to look like. I learned to pause more, in order reflect on how I felt inside with every human encounter I had and any dream I pursued…and still pursue!

It felt freeing to not rush.

It’s like an acceptance of who I am and who I would become settled in and things slowed down.

This is Feminine energy: it’s more receptive, collaborative, connected to the heart and where emotions are felt, it’s pre-manifestation through being attentive to internal cues.

Pre-manifestation is about pausing long enough to assess if what you are doing is still in line with what you want to create.

Now, I still notice my physical shifts as I age, I am human after all. However, I accept and love my life, with all of its bumps, scars, imperfections and fears. However, like the ocean waves, I can’t stop them from coming but I choose which ones I surf. So when I relate to people/men, I’m curious about their journey so that we can both celebrate each other’s life treasures. This intention creates an opening where the outcome will reveal itself in whatever manner or time necessary.

So today, whenever you feel a tension or urgency in your body, pause and breathe into. Ask yourself what is IT trying to show me? Its message will perhaps show up in that moment or throughout your day…just pay attention and the evidence of what you’ll need will show up.

If not…as a wise man on a picnic table once told me, patience is necessary for love, even self-love.

Here is a picture of what an evening of pausing to listen to someone’s voice created. I met 2 amazing strangers whose life path crossed mine, where a beautiful exchange of words created an instant friendship!


Be all the woman you were meant to be!

Sensually Yours,




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