Solitude and self-reflection can bring inspiration at midlife
Solitude and self-reflection can bring inspiration at midlife
Solitude and self-reflection can bring inspiration at midlife
Midlife can be an intimidating time, as it is when we start to reflect on our lives thus far and to enter another version of ourselves.

Midlife can be an intimidating time, as it is when we start to reflect on our lives thus far and to enter another version of ourselves. It can require cocooning, solitude to reflect on all we have created and to be curious about what it will look like moving forward. This can mean focusing on what truly energises us as opposed to merely fulfilling obligations and expectations. Our minds should be encouraged to explore ideas we may have previously been too busy, overwhelmed or scared to consider – it’s about learning to open up to fresh possibilities.

It’s also about letting go of things that aren’t actually important and investing more in ourselves and how we want our lives to feel. This takes intentional effort – going beyond just thinking about changes but actually making them happen.

Redefining oneself in midlife can be a daunting prospect, but it’s an opportunity worth pursuing. This past year I took the leap and changed my hair colour which initiated huge changes within me: sometimes feeling lost while other times being filled with excitement!

The holidays gave me the chance to take a step back and recognize all the hard work I put into creating my new self. Through reflecting on these practices, they can motivate others – like you! – to grow as well; making this upcoming year full of positive progress in our unique journeys.

1) Mirror Work: I have fully embraced the silver hair of wisdom with open arms. I nurture my transitioning strands just as a mother would care for her child’s skin, which has resulted in an unexpected relationship blooming between me and the mirror – it’s become my friend! As part of this newfound bond, I love to take time out each day to show myself self-care and appreciation by styling away knotty ends or indulging in Ayurveda oil treatments. It is all about treating yourself right; because when you look good on the outside – no matter your age – you feel bright from within too!

2) Sleep: After a long stretch of restless nights on the road, I was thrilled to find solace in my own bed for an entire month. My body truly relished this opportunity, and my sleep became profoundly deeper than ever before – it felt like a total blessing even if that meant getting off to a slower start the next morning!

3) Holistic Health: Through exploring holistic health, I found a nourishing connection with my own body that helped me to feel more vitalized. To support this further, I took up gratitude meditation as an empowering way of finding grace in the current moments.

4) Explore New Ideas: I was feeling stifled in my creative pursuits, so I decided it was time to expand out of the proverbial box. After all, if we never explore new ideas or try something different then life becomes stagnant and monotonous! To kickstart things again, I signed up for some stimulating courses which immediately brightened my outlook on possibilities. Sometimes reinventing yourself is a key ingredient to reigniting that spark inside—and now mine has been rekindled!

5) Read: Reading has been a challenge for me; however, when audio-books came into the picture I knew it was an opportunity to develop my skills in a new way. This year, I decided it was time to embrace something uniquely inspiring and empowering – so I chose to actually read “Women Who Run With The Wolves”. From this inspiring book comes newfound hope for discovering strength within myself!

Holiday seasons can offer a rare opportunity to slow down, check-in with how we are really doing and set some intentions for the year ahead. If you took some time over the festive break to evaluate how you want to show up in the world from this day forward, then congratulations! You have given yourself one of the greatest gifts: permission to change. And if changing your hair colour is on your list (like it was on mine), just know that it’s not only a fabulous new look but also a portal into uncovering hidden parts of yourself – go forth and be brave!

In joy and beauty,
Patty Contenta

PS: The holidays provide us with an opportunity to self-reflect and think about how far we’ve come. If you need some inspiration when it comes to your body-image at midlife, check out my [Sexy In Seconds Mini-Series] It’s worth it!

PPS: Marc and I would like to wish you an adventurous 2023! Cheers!



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