Talking to Strangers – Part 2
Talking to Strangers – Part 2

“OMG, did I just get noticed?!”

I immediately felt gratitude for that moment of connection. I, like many people since this pandemic, are longing for human connection.

This was a big moment for me, especially during these times of isolation, where fear of the unknown is rampant and every human being is perceived as threat.

I share all of this because giving tips on how to start a conversation would be meaningless without understanding the context of how being open and attentive makes a huge difference in conversing with strangers.

And these simple yet significant moments stack up over time, creating a positive imprint in your energy, which builds your confidence, and reduces self-doubt (like I mentioned in last week’s email, a little nervousness is okay - makes us feel alive).

Here are some tips on initiating a conversation.

Tip #1: Just say “Hello”. Practice saying hello to random strangers and notice that most people will respond back because people don’t want to be rude. You don’t have to do anything else, just say hello, know that you sprinkled some joy in their day.

Tip #2: Talk to people in the service industry (Uber driver, server). They are already meant to serve you, so they will be more open to chatting. Great way to practice those conversational skills.

Tip #3: Appreciation of any form. Notice what they’re wearing. For example, “Are those shoes as comfortable as they look?” “That sweater is the perfect combination of comfort and style.” Even better, compliment their behavior as it’s directly linked to their value system: “Thank you for showing up on time for this meeting/date/call/dinner? I admire a person who respects people’s time”.

Tip #4: Triangulation. There's you, there's a stranger, there's some third thing that you both might see and comment on, like a piece of public art or their background on the zoom call, or the muffin options at Starbucks. Give it a try. Make a comment about that third thing and see if starts a conversation.

When you talk to strangers, you’re making unexpected connections. If you don't talk to strangers, you're missing out on a potential friend who influences your life for the better, a business partner, a life partner, or simply someone to share a joyful moment with who raises your vibration.

Seems like any way you slice it; the payoff is unsurmountable!

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