The Aftermath of Embrace Your Essence
The Aftermath of Embrace Your Essence

I am the kind of woman that thrives on staying busy, so now that the event is over, it's like a lost a part of me. It's like "my baby" has grown up and moved on.

I wanted to share some highlights of the event as a reminder to myself and hopefully those of you who could not attend, of the fabulous time we had!

It began on Thursday evening with a few of the women who crossed a boarder to get to the event. As we sat on the roof top resto-bar, taking in the beautiful view of Montreal, we began to share what we wanted out of the event. I was moved by the vulnerability of these incredible women and blessed to be able to hold space for them to share their profound feelings. In that moment, the EYE sisterhood was being born…every woman showed up in the most feminine manner by sharing their yearning.

Throughout the weekend, we looked at all aspects of being a woman. We started by creating a clear intention to remain open to anything that felt uncomfortable because that is where the growth lies.

We explored with energies (masculine, feminine and sexual), movement, body language, communication, removing negative beliefs and ending with The Science of Happiness!

I was reminded over and over how movement can help the body look and feel more fluid, allowing the feminine expression to radiate. It was truly beautiful to be able to witness women let go of any inhibitions and discomforts to where a playful attitude began to emerge.

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We ended our evening celebrating at Bord'elle with Champagne and of course dancing!

Remember to be the woman you were meant to be! And always make time to celebrate your brilliance!




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