What Body Part To Touch To Attract a Man - Part 1
What Body Part To Touch To Attract a Man - Part 1
What Body Part To Touch To Attract a Man - Part 1

Do you feel like your age is a constant reminder of loosing your attraction factor? Perhaps the men that noticed you in the past, now ignore you? The negative chatter is not where good vibrations lie…think about it for a moment.

When negative and resentful thoughts show up, your body captures that feeling…it actually remembers that emotion and stores it. It’s NOT the way to encompass your worth. It grows to the point where you stop caring about yourself therefore you need to develop opportunities to feed your sensual spirit...in a positive manner.

So how can a shoulder drive your attraction factor up?

Because it’s ageless…it doesn’t have wrinkles and it doesn’t need to be exposed to look beautiful. And perhaps what makes shoulders so seductive…it’s where the bra strap lies and where it can easily slip off. It’s the perfect ledge to drape your blouse and scarf on. There’s even a certain flexibility in a shoulder movement that releases tightness and gives a playful mood.

So when I dress…especially on a date...I layer my clothing in a manner to create a subliminal picture of an exposed shoulder.

Here’s what I mean...

You can actually where a T-shirt and put a sweater over it that’s slightly falling off of a shoulder. Then, wear a leather belt over the sweater, at your hip level which keeps this…“throw a sweater on, accidental shoulder drape”…look together. Can you see what I’m saying?

It’s the image of being dressed, yet slightly undressed. Insinuating what could be underneath the clothing is extremely sensual...this is why draping off the shoulder is key to creating mystery…which equals attraction.

And all this was created without exposing your skin…now that’s powerful!

So the next time those gloomy thoughts want to take over your mind, look in the mirror and know your choosing to enter your physical body through the art of being playful with your shoulder….which means accidental drape plus some flirtatious shoulder presses.



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