What Body Part To Touch To Attract a Man - Part 2
What Body Part To Touch To Attract a Man - Part 2
Do you feel a constant pressure to create the tie it takes to look and feel self-confident? Does the worry that you’ll do or say the wrong thing consume you? This fear is preventing you from connecting with your creative and feminine essence within you. Ad fear never makes you magnetic…it never makes you attractive…it actually contributes to your feelings of worthlessness. And when you’re at the negative end of the scale, you need daily dosages of self-love to nurture your self-esteem. I learned this lesson in 2 ways. First through dancing. I always felt a little uncomfortable bowing at the end of my competitive routine because I wanted to make sure I portrayed a gracious air that honored the audience for their applause and not an air of deserving the applause. Yet while contemplating this thought I also knew I couldn’t give off an insecure air because then I looked weak. So, I created an anchor…touching my neck area at the end of every confident bow in order to remind me of my humility. And this maneuver stayed with me on a daily basis. The second “aha moment” came when I hired a stylist to help diminish and define my selection of clothing. The first step she took was to clean out my closet of anything that did not fit my self-definition of “gipsy chic”…so all of my turtle necks were removed. The funny thing is, I just had them for function…to keep me warm during the winter months. Her sarcastic reply was, “Have you ever heard of scarves?” So how does this apply to you?
  1. Caress your neck regularly. It softness your air and exposes a vulnerable part of you that is endearing.
  2. Wear jewelry around your neck because you can use it to create that playful, inviting environment just by touching it or wrapping your finger around it.
  3. Avoid turtle necks…they make you look conservative, tense. Use scarves to keep warm while demonstrating the “draping” look.
So there you have it! The tips that can instantly cultivate the body and mind to look and feel sensual, feminine and attractive that take only seconds to accomplish.



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