What sadist invented the mirror?
What sadist invented the mirror?

It’s kind of a twisted thing if you ask me.

So early on, I had to accept that the mirror was a device to help me pay attention to the details needed to improve my dance skills, without it affecting my self-esteem.

However, once I became middle aged, making that distinction became more difficult.

I remember getting ready to go on a date and looking at myself in the mirror feeling like I lost my sex appeal. All I saw were wrinkles and droopy eyes.

My gremlin showed up with a vengeance! She was convincing me to cancel the date as “he would never be attracted to an old tired looking woman”.

In that moment, I remember standing up straight and thinking “Posture is power!” When I have good alignment, my energy flows better, making it easier for me to access my inner wisdom.

Then, I proceeded to move through the discomfort of my self-doubt by shifting the internal dialogue. I told myself that my ‘tired’ eyes have seen some incredible places. I paused, looked at my Uno de 50 earrings and I was instantly reminded of my trip to Spain. I allowed the memory to fill me with joy. I began to feel lighter, my eyes looked brighter.

Woohoo! I shifted the dial towards self-love!

Being able to look at yourself in the mirror with a loving intention and giving yourself the support you need by reminding yourself of your physical and non-physical attributes when the gremlin shows up is key towards feeling confident.

Here is an exercise for you:

When you get up in the morning and start brushing your teeth, notice when a negative inconsequential thought shows up.

Step 1: Stand up tall. Remember posture is power!

Step 2: Replace negative thought with an affirmation about your character, your essence.

For example:

My eyes have seen some amazing people & places that have shaped who I am.

I love my hair. It reminds me of my gypsy and adventurous nature!

My skin is resilient, just like my spirit!

Notice the shift in your energy, even if it’s small, because…

« Chi va piano, va lontano » (who goes slowly, goes far and sound).

Keep reaching for self-love, in every moment because all those millimeter shifts stack up over time.

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