What Your Eyes Are Saying About You
What Your Eyes Are Saying About You
What Your Eyes Are Saying About You

You’ve heard the expression “Eyes are the window to your soul.” Well, do you understand the power behind this statement?

Have you been in a conversation with a man and had trouble maintaining eye contact because you feel shy and uncomfortable…almost like he could read your thoughts?

When a guy notices you, do you get nervous and avoid eye contact for fear of looking desperate?

Have you ever walked into a room and feel like no one sees you?

Any one of these situations would have been a lot easier to handle if you lengthen the time you make eye contact. Here’s why...

Let me share a few facts with you about men…they have tunnel vision. Our peripheral vision is 30 degrees more than theirs. So the need to be obvious is essential because they’ll pass you by and not see you.

This became apparent to me throughout my dancing career. Only when I looked at my partner long enough, could he sense my inner expression and react accordingly. Only when I held my eye contact longer than comfortable towards the audience would they applaud or acknowledge what I was trying to transmit.

The same is true when it comes to men understanding the mystery behind eye contact. Here’s what my research has found...

  1. Men need at least 3 looks to be sure that you’re interested. They fear rejection just as much as you do. So they want to make sure it’s a done deal before they make their move towards you.
  2. Be sure to have the right emotion attached to your “look” to evoke the correct response. An example is laughing eyes encourage companionship while glaring eyes are aggressive.
  3. Eyes are like high beams, they tell a man what to look at because he might not notice the subtle signals you’re sending, therefore every now and then look at what you touch. Here’s an example, when caressing your shoulder…pause to look at it…then turn back and smile at him.
  4. Finally, learn to look and appreciate your partner’s entire face. Start between the eyebrows it’s illusive, then gradually move to the nose, cheek bones and jaw line (my personal favorite area on a man). Appreciate his masculine features…every wrinkle was earned through fighting many battles and celebrating many victories!

This is the depth of eye contact, so don’t ignore it…use it to create a lasting imprint.



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