Why Even a Smart Woman Can Agonize Over Aging
Why Even a Smart Woman Can Agonize Over Aging

I've even shared these feelings with some close male friends of mine, especially when the conversation turns to dating. They hear me, but don't truly comprehend what the fuss is all about.

A woman has reproductive limits - something a man can never truly understand because he can reproduce until very late in his life. Somewhere between the ages of 27 and 29 women's eggs begin to degrade. And by the time women are about 38 years old, the eggs are not even worth harvesting. And as women get closer to being premenopausal, their body begins to shift, which can make women feel like they are losing their vitality.

This means that TIME is lived differently for women than for men. A woman can easily feel she is wasting time with a man if the dating doesn't progress towards a relationship, or if a relationship doesn't progress to a union (whether this union is marriage or living together). And this frustration can affect her demeanour, her joie de vivre to a point where she becomes an interrogator (behaviour that is motivated by an emotional urgency) instead of a dialoguer.

More than ever before, my internal dialogue has needed constant shifting. And it's teaching me to be patient, to trust my wisdom, my soul and that what is inside of me has value.

This awareness has lead me on a journey to redefine beauty and power.

What if I can step into a new kind of power?

The kind of power that Gary Zukov speaks of. -Authentic power. Could this be a way to redefine beauty?

Gary Zukov suggests authentic power is a consciousness of compassion and wisdom that calls us to act from love rather than fear; it's when the personality comes to serve the energy of the soul. And this becomes important because there will come a time, if we are using our external looks or our position in our business, when all will come to an end and all we will have left is our deeper "I".

Is this what it means to transcend into a collective consciousness where the human and the being can co-exist and allow for healing of the soul to happen and to dance through life with ease?

I envision women collectively rising, floating in the air with such grace.

It's like the burden of feeling like "I am not enough" has been stripped from our essence allowing the light from within to radiate.

The journey from gremlin to queen

I have definitely not mastered this practice but I have promised myself to make merging my personality with my soul a daily practice. When my gremlin (negative inner voice) shows up with fears of growing old and alone, I practice reaching within and lifting myself out of the emotional frustration (voice inside my head), by noticing the resistance and allowing it to pass through me instead of define me, trusting that something good will come from this practice because my commitment to be the best version of me is where freedom of self lies.

"To create a good future, one needs to create a good present. The love and joy underneath the pain is where freedom lies." - Eckhart Tolle

With every little act of kindness I do for myself, I feel a sense of hope coming over me and this already makes me feel better about my aging self.

Will I stop putting on make up? ...No
Will I stop thinking about how I dress? ...No
Will I not use Botox? ...No

But, I WILL be gentle with my aging body and practice connecting with my soul, allowing intention to be my guide.

Allowing grace,



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