Why This Dance Technique Will Make You Irresistible
Why This Dance Technique Will Make You Irresistible
Being a sensuous feminine dancer does not have to take years to learn…it takes a willingness to slow down and enjoy how you feel while you’re in movement. If you’re in constant conflict about coming across vulgar, looking awkward or afraid to be ridiculed…you’re choosing to stay invisible…and THAT would be shameful. Females dancing together has been an ancient ritual for puberty, fertility, healing, courtship…you name it. Your feminine spirit elevates when you allow music to express itself through your body. Then, there’s the reality that most men are sitting on the sidelines watching...how cool is that! I believe you should have the freedom to rejoice and let go when you dance. However, when it comes to sensuality, I believe you need to create mystery and this is amplified when you can visually slow down the music while dancing. The best way to achieve this grounded, sultry style of dancing is concentrating on 2 things…hips and touch.
  1. Your hips need to roll and move in a circular fashion without spreading your legs! You can twist and turn even show your back side…but don’t open your legs because spreading them makes the rolling hip movement sexual. (Practice some pelvic movements to loosen up that area. It’s where all of your sexual energy is stored and allows for better flow).
  2. Touch parts of your body with the intention to caress yourself as a ritual of self-love. When you touch your hips, thighs, arms, neck and shoulder...it remains sensual and mysterious. Never caress your HOT ZONES (the middle area of your body from your chest to the inner thighs)…not to look vulgar.
These guidelines are a way to allow yourself to explore your sensual movement while being in a public setting. A place where you can be admired for your feminine beauty that never crosses the line in public but insinuates a sensuous lover in private.



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