Desirable & Deserving



This ebook is the result of years of self-discovery, interviewing experts, participating in and leading countless workshops on the topic of femininity and sensuality. You’ll find all of the tips and techniques with helpful illustrations complied into a single, easy-to-read, 220 page ebook that gives you everything you need to transform your love life.


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Desirable & Deserving

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Patty Contenta

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Patty Contenta's studies and training which led to her becoming a champion ballroom dancer, sparked an interest in discovering the impact movement makes on communication, attention, and self-confidence! Patty is founder of the Sensuality Secrets seminars and author of Sensuality Secrets, a book and series of DVDS that coach women on how to heighten their sensuality through the art of body language and dance. This has brought her to become a sought after speaker and radio guest all across North America.